Who we are

Advanced. Medical. Technology.

What is SCRUbzz ?

SCRUbzz is a simple soft sponge like cloth with a breakthrough technology. The sponge has soap in the fabric that is activated into a lather with only water. Slowly pouring water creating a soapy lather, the more water you add the soapier the lather will become. All you need to bathe the person is SCRUbzz, a cup of water and a dry towel. SCRUbzz can be used for the entire body, hair, face and body. After bathing all you need is a dry towel rub. The skin is then left feeling soft and delicious. No residue no soap no icky feeling. You need to try it to believe it.

We created SCRUbzz for a specific need

For those residents who are bedridden, vent patients, subacute, or off bathing days etc. SCRUbzz is a blessing for those in need. They can finally be bathed and cleansed with dignity, without any mess. No soaps, No water buckets, No perineal cleansers etc. Care with Dignity. We are confident you will love SCRUbzz. It is the GENIE sponge for those in need.


Please note we have repackaged and renamed the sponge from MagnaCare to SCRUbzz. We are utilizing the old packaging as samples. If you place an order the delivery will be SCRUbzz as seen in the brochure and imaging enclosed.

If you would like to order SCRUbzz just email us at Sales@WynnMed.com and we will provide you with your vendor info.